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9 February 2009

Extensions Chrome in May?

The possibility of adding a different extension and plugging is now up to the users Internet browser FireFox was a big advantage compared to other products on the market. According to certain programmers Nicholas Molina, Google Chrome would be up to May this year also could get support for extensions.

On registration for the third annual Google developer conference, Google I / O 2009, among other items the program is almost the most important issue Developing extensions for Google Chrome. Under the description of a theme is the simplicity of making demonstrations extensions for Chrome by using existing and already well-known Web technologies. The topic describes the basics of system extensions, and some details such as packaging and distribution, methods of installation and auto-refresh ve

As part of the lectures will be discussed using different API functions to expand the browser's capabilities. Of course, details are not known yet, but expect it to be the first extension may already exist during the conference, at least in demo purposes.
Conference Google I / O 2009 starts 27th May, and is held in San Francisco.