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2 February 2009

Ant Renamer 2.10.0 - Diligent as an ant

At first glance, does not work powerfully, but only needs to plow a little deeper below the surface.
Few who do not fall in the darkness when the eyes before it finds a directory full of files that would be systematically name. Many such things are usually deferred until the moment when managing in such a multitude of files becomes practically impossible, and some still choose to take the matter into their own hands, roll up sleeves and change the name of a file by one until they are brought into line.

Of course, specialists are likely familiar with the fact that I hav
e Windows Explorer allows you to mass rename the files, but it is extremely limited.
Ant Renamer is a
small but quite potent application, and equally useful to beginners and more demanding users, which is capable of in the twinkling of an eye to change the name of greater multitude of files or folders. The interface is fairly intuitive, but it is enough to run in the main window drag files or folders that you wish to change the name.

When any withdrawal of files or folders in the main window wil
l appear and a small dialog box through which you can decide whether you want to add files (and can be recursive) from the designated folder, or just a folder and all as long as no option to check the current settings are not uttered, and apply them since then onwards. Of course, add files or folders can be done via the icon and placed on the toolbar.

Now there should be proud of the fact that the author of an effort to practically all the options and make a shortcut on the keyboard, so once you learn them, the management program will become a real pleasure. Yes Ant Renamer is a really good tool for mass renaming of files will bec
ome clear once you activate add actions or, better said, on the basis of criteria which will be conducted in the process of changing the name.
Actions are usually provided for those actions, so that the possibility of easy change files extensions, replace characters or words in the titles, followed by simultaneous substitution options more words or letters on the set of files (very useful when you want to replace certain characters), then move and delete character
s, Enumeration then available, the date in the format that best suits your needs, changes large and small letters and the like.

Ant Renamer also has additional features s
uch as the characteristics of using metadata in files (applies to Mp3 audio files to the ID3v1 tag) on the basis of which you can rename the file, then using EXIF information stored in the video formats, while they appreciate the real experts and possibility of using regular expressions. However, we would like to present this at least as a tool for writing regular expressions, but to use a library TRegExpr in depth documentation you'll find on the official web site of the library.

It is suitable to what Ant Renamer has a preview so before changes can be seen that the result changed the name from the set parameters.
All in all, although the featherweight, Ant Renamer is really quite a good tool for mass renaming of files, the performance is excellent, is neither complicated to use, and offers quite decent documentation if we bear in mind that it is still a free program.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/usmnay1sli 1MB