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24 February 2009

Smarter Conficker

The American branch of Association for Computer Security CERT announced the existence of the registered versions of the new worms Conficker, also known under the name Downadup. The new version carries the name Conficker.B + +, and it has the possibility of opening a new approach poisoned computer with the functionality to automatically update.

Existing Patch netapi32.dll no longer closes all possibilities of infection, and is suspected of re-infection but before the infected computer. Worm is now checks the update capability without disclosure, and if it is possible to validate the new version and update the computer is infected latest variant.

Conficker has so far made a major headache for users of extremely heavy cleaning, and getting immersed in complicated trace creators apparently due to the random generation of the URL address. The first version, Conficker.A, affected about 4.7, and Conficker.B about 6.7 million IP addresses.
Microsoft believes that the authors did not simply build a complete Conficker network with the new variant, and still offers $ 250,000 reward for the disclosure of the same.