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19 February 2009

New Googlephone HTC's Magic

Once the T-Mobile on a global level in the fight to sell iPhone (except in the United States, where this holds exclusive AT & T), Vodafone for similar arrangements in the fight with RIM's BlackBerry Storm.
T-Mobile responded with BlackBerry Curve 8900 and HTC's G1 device that brings Google's android operating system, and today is the MWC in Barcelona Vodafone switched the ball back, announced an exclusive offer HTC Magica.

It is an appliance which like "Googlephonea" is used as the android operating system, but that does not have a sliding mechanism with QWERTY keypad covered as G1, but is derived as the standard mobile phone the latest generation - the one that has a large screen a touch.
Magic supports HSDPA and Wi-Fi, has installed GPS, 3.2-megapixel camera, slot for microSD cards, Trackball resembling those of the BlackBerry and the mass of 118 grams.
Depending on the contract, announced that his price on Vodafone markets to be between 99 and 199 euros.

Magic will be released on sale in April, first in Britain, then still in Italy, Germany, France and Spain.