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15 February 2009

How much money is worth my site?

All we have to be aware that online generators are not a long term beneficial, there are today, tomorrow will be to shut down the service may or will start to charge for services and no longer will have the opportunity to generate the thumbnail and all those cool things that we are now able through just a few clicks.

Of course there is a pile of pages, which is trying to throw out what the cash value of a single web page. Now I have to say that neither one of these tools can not give a realistic estimate of the value of individual web pages, let alone anything more. All these huge site bases its assessment on the way to pull data from other sources: Google Page Rank, Alexa, Dmoz, Digg, Technorati.

Why do I write this article when you persistently say that the estimates are not realistic and that they should not be taken too seriously? Well, because I'm hitting a very interesting one. Enter your site, click on calculate and watching as the value of your website grows through all 14 levels and at the end when you see the amount of think, if something goes wrong in the black this time the recession can always sell the site or blog :-).
Therefore, all the stimator.com and check how many $ worth your site!