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2 February 2009

With USB-A to HDMI

And older computers in this way can become a HTPC that will be used in home cinema systems

The Japanese company Lancer link presented in cooperation with Taiwan Grandtecom device names Grand HD Cinema. It is a video converter that picture (and sound) with USB-and takes on the HDMI output, which is, according to the manufacturer, the first device of that type in the world.

In this way, almost every computer can connect via HDMI to LCD, OLED or plasma televisions, or the LCD monitors with HDMI connection.
At the same time on the computer can be connected more of such devices, and each can give a different picture. The maximum resolution that HC Grand Cinema can deliver the 720p, and the minimum hardware requirements to the computer include 2.4-GHz Pentium 4 or better and Windows XP or Vista.

Manufacturer states that the whole system is ready for work just a few seconds after switch on.
In Japan, the Grand Cinema HD sold at a price of 12,500, which is condensed converted about $ 140.