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2 February 2009

Google Drive in sight?

No worries, while the data somewhere in the''cloud''

The public have made the first information (more precisely - a few lines of program code) about the Google GDrive. Text description of the new service was discovered in the JavaScript file for Google Pack, which confirms that the company is working on a multi-service platform for storing backup data.

GDrive will be the first alternative to Google Microsoft SkyDrive and similar services, and allow users to store data of any type on the online system, and later access them, including access to mobile devices. Official confirmation is still no, but a Google official has recently in an interview with CNet, stated that "users want to access your data without concern about where the computer this data physically located.
Speculated that GDrive will be part of a next release of Google Pack. Until then, we remain independent alternatives - GMail Drive.