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5 February 2009

Coming GHz Mobile Phones

Toshiba announced its first "smart" phone-based GHz Qualcomm Processor Snapdragon.

Device tags TG01 uses the operating system Windows Mobile 6.1, the thickness of 9.9 millimeters and has a 4.1-inch screen is a touch resolution of 800 x 480 capable display 384 thousand colors. There is also support for 3G HSPA, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Qualcomm processor Snapdragon is the first processor based on ARM core working clock 1 GHz, and supports playback of high definition content (720p), 3D graphics, XGA screen, mobile TV, and 12-megapix
el camera. In Qualcomm already announced, and dual-core versions of processors that will work on rhythmic than 1.5 GHz and support HSPA +, video, full HD resolution (1080p) and have an integrated graphics core developed by AMD's.
Toshiba TG01 be available in Europe during the summer, but has not released prices.