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9 February 2009

Feedreader 3.13 - Featherweight Reader

Appropriately named, the reader can boast a clean interface that has been and flexible. Unobtrusive, though the whole time, can work in the background (waiting in the system tray), but other than that is has very few practical options that can equally serve and total beginners and those slightly more demanding.

One such feature is the possibility of creating "sm
art" channel. This is an option to download content grouped articles (no matter in which category are) based on the criteria. For example, you follow the stock market, and have in collection of added RSS channels with such content, you could filter all the articles in which only appears the term "board". They will, of course, be displayed in a separate category.
Another interesting possibility that Feedreader aside from the crowd is the option of creating their own channel by searching the Int
ernet service. Stunt is pretty spectacular, enter the term for which you want to receive articles, select a few well-known service (Google News, Yahoo! News, YouTube, Technorati and the like) and the news will be properly collected and displayed, what is the best, everything will be updated as it is a classical channel.

Adding new channels is quite typical for this type of program, paste the link to an RSS feed that you wish to subscribe, and it will automatically be taken of the contents. We'll
hold him, the fact that when adding an RSS feed does not provide opportunities to immediately put in a previously created folder, but it always has to manually create later.
However, it is not so bad if you occasionally add channels but doing it his collection again, superfluous clicks easily become painfully and irritating.
However, in addition, it is difficult to find a serious complaint. Feedreader is a really well-equipped, full of
details that raising the level of Ergonomics. Thus it is possible, for example, show only the channels do not read (they will re-appear when the new content) and individual articles, has a schedule with three panels, it is enabled to control through the shortcuts on the keyboard, is equipped with a built-browser (relying on Internet Explorer) and the like.

However, in your Feedreader Arsenal offers another very nice thing to which the authors named Enclosure browser. It is not about nothing too new revolution in RSS reader, but if you subscribe to the channel which, in addition to reading for reading, wear and supporting content such as audio files or photos, will be automatically downloaded and available in a separate window. The whole thing is all the nicer that allows the genera
tion and Playlist in the event that, of course, took over the audio files.

All in all, looking for a good RSS client that does not spent a lot of resources and has cool options and it is completely free, then this is the program you should definitely consider. Not only is equipped with typical characteristics, but also includes some features that are rarely see in other clients, and we must admit that, generally speaking, it works pretty well.

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