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Want to new software, you want what is in, I was trying to find and set up for download because it must be in step with technology
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5 February 2009

Pirated Code

Creator gadgets for the iPhone, which allows the exchange and opening up and installing illegal versions of the software for this device required that his application - is not copied illegally.

On the iPhone there are applications App Crackulous which allows download pirates of the iPhone and its easy installation on the so-called. "jailbroken" iPhone - one of the changed settings. It is, therefore, on a program that is intended for distribution and installation of illegal copies of other people's programs and so far everything is normal.

However, it becomes fun after the Gizmodo published a conversation with the author Crackulousa, certain Angelom who is bitter! It turns out that the application does not buy people already use - pirates version! Fear and horror!

As the author says: "I want people to support my work .... It deserves respect."