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22 February 2009

Dawn of War II on sale

Americans already play it, the Europeans will start very soon, and Jonny Ebert from Relic reveals how the genre of RTS and ungrateful for making hits.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II started to sell in the stores, the first descriptions already on the net and there is no doubt that the eyes of many players fixed on a new edition of an excellent Relicovog RTS. But as he says Jonny Ebert from Relic, even specialize in strategy in real time, mention the genre is very grateful for making hits.

FPS's, MMO's and free games every new edition of trying to simplify the gameplay and make the masses, while the RTS's that have the intention to succeed must go in the opposite direction with a great precaution. Because of this, they decided Dawn of War II at the beginning to simplify and keep the depth to draw to the end.