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5 February 2009

Details Deus EXA 3

A rough translation of the detailed notice reveals details of new series boast.

The first view of the new chapter boast Deus EXA 3 on which to Eidos Montreal is shown at the Czech site Hratelne.centrum.cz and from it can be a lot more to learn - if you know Czech. However, someone is Eidos forum and effort out basic facts about the game from which we can learn to act Deus EXA 3 place in the five famous cities including Shanghai, Detroit and Montreal, and began killing the research department in which the main character does.

The authors say that the blame for it be found out very quickly, but during the game will open a new, important questions. Women play a major role in the development of the story, and will try to deceive us or to issue based on our previous actions, and events in the game leading the Founding UNATCO and which we know from previous Deus Exa.