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Want to new software, you want what is in, I was trying to find and set up for download because it must be in step with technology
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7 December 2008

KeyLemon Screen

Just your smile, all you need to login. Make your face your password ...
It can be said that it was checking the identity of a person, originality of a work, etc. In the process of authentication to the system, The Weakest Link is, I try to guess user.
Password (password) are time became tedious, users were severely memory, and to ease, they usually use a combination of his name and surname, date of birth, car registration tags, the names of children, etc.
As time growing number of services that the user uses the Internet , And each of them again requires authentication, this brings another dimension and the problem with password policy rules, and the user, of course, used the same password for all services.

KeyLemon Screen start the project as a group of students who have developed
as a screensaver, which in itself will be on and did. I tested the program with a Genius USB camera Integrated camera and the Asus notebook, the Windows XP and Vista Bussiness.LemonScreen is your job done without major problems. I tried even a version with and without glasses, all have passed the office.
The only problem may occur when you reduce the brightness, or if it is too strong beam of light falling on the camera. With Ctrl Alt Delete can "circumvent" this way of authentication, "kill" a process that starts LemonScreen and unlock the computer.

The software is difficult 1.84 MB, and the installation itself is trivial.
After these few steps you must still make a "scan" the face, or do his model, in order to scan the camera had to compare what. After that, remains to enter the main (master) password, if you happen to our software, "replaces the other, or we do not recognize, that we can unlock it manually. Then he defined the time that the computer will automatically shut off if no action on it (screensaver), and the same can be done in the options program, or a combination of keys Alt L.

http://rapidshare.com/files/172569491/LemonScreen_1.3.0.msi 1.9 MB