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10 December 2008

HP flexible display screens

HP and Flexible Display Center at the University of Arizona have demonstrated a prototype of flexible screen. Screen is almost entirely made of plastic, can show moving images, allowing a view pictures and when not connected to the source of electricity. For this achievement is creditable Viziplex E Ink technology widely used in readers e-books. Screen was created SAIL (self-aligned imprint lithography) process which allows him bending without danger of cracking. Because it does not use backlight technology allows creation of extremely thin, saving, and what is most important, for the production of cheap screen. From HP's allegations that it is to create a new screen by voluming take up to 90% less material than you need to create an LCD screen. We could display screens can be found in a mass production is not known, but HP lists the possible applications in notebooks and similar mobile devices, but also commercial purposes. Analytic house iSuppli market for flexible screens foresees exceptional growth. With last year's 80 million until 2013. years to make the market should grow to 2.8 billion dollars as the growth of even 35.000%.