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Want to new software, you want what is in, I was trying to find and set up for download because it must be in step with technology
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25 December 2008

43Things -Joint todo list

We all have goals in life, starting from simple ones like "wash the dishes and throw out the trash at the time" to those demanding a "graduate Nuclear Physics." Some of us are precisely and in order and have them all written somewhere, but most of all that rambling way half-defined on the head. And people who understand the story say that the first step in the realization consists in making lists.
Well, you see ...
Site by name 43things goes one step further and offers you an opportunity not only to note their goals, but also to make them available to almost 100 000 other surfers. But why would someone want to do in general, you ask?
Because it is much easier when you see that you are not the only ones who want to fix your diet, but there is still some one thousand people with the same aim. And some seventy who have already succeeded. Or you want to finally learn to cook and deal you disgusting, but going to 43things and see that there is still one thousand (1016, if we will be more precise) people who want the same.
The way reading room and advice from those 140 which is to work for the hand.
And if you think that the entire site down to the simple and universal goals, is very wrong. What do you say to say this: spend an entire day watching the extended version of all three Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back-to-back? Or let's say become a bigger nerd? Palette is therefore very broad, and you can always add your own, original and never seen before goal.