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20 December 2008

AMAZON S3 - Space is Almost Unlimited

If you mention Box.net or Rapidshare does not offer enough space, a web server is too expensive, S3 could be sufficient. Amazon has decided to rent a sizable area. Given that this is a service available via the API, HTTP and FTP, your options are not limited to beckup or to save your data from your Web applications, tempting simplicity with a low price is very tempting.
With a few dozen client applications for S3, automatic backup is also very simple. No matter how practical S3 was, is not flawless. In June they were six hours in the fall of the service, many companies and Web sites could not get to their important information. Many did not feel it, but the ones that are the basis of these data operations are definitely felt. Use of space and traffic is charged by usage, so that no advance payment.

- Budget, a simple

- No right interface for the Web
IMPRESSION - Make a large number of data available on the Internet for a small price