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7 December 2008

From 3.7 to 5.5 GHz

Although we recently wrote about how to Nehalem (processors are now known under the name Core i7) does not suffer overly overclocking because raising voltage RAM can lead to the destruction of processors - we must pull all that we said. (What does that say to you, we were displayed ...) Japanese enthusiasts with "the code name" duck so succeeded i7 Core Processor Extreme Edition 965, which nominally runs on 3.73 GHz, 5.51 to drive GHz. For this purpose he used Asus motherboard horn Rampage II Extreme that the BIOS supports the numerous ways overclocking different things. Duck is, otherwise, last year already "entered into history" when the overclocking Pentium 4 631 at 8.14 GHz.