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2 December 2008

Overview of multimedia PictoMio 1.0

The beauty of the works
The lovers finally interfaces your photos can view the beautiful environment. In addition to this, PictoMio offers plenty of reason to finally greet the sterile Windows
PictureViewera.Regarding the review of photos, many average users are satisfied with shipped PictureViewer program that offers basic capabilities, and fulminant during labor. Those who seek something more functional, will look for something stronger, such as the famed IrfanViewa or ACDSeea.

PictoMio in its first version focuses solely on the review. So, here you will find some "quick" tools for processing photos (crop, levels, resize, etc.). The most you can do is to shift 90 degrees, which can be useful if your digitala not rotates photos. Immedia
tely at the beginning, you'll notice that a lot of sweat invested in the beauty of your surroundings. All buttons, scrollbar, dropdown lists and the like are easy animation, so that all the "taxi" on the screen during use. PictoMio is divided into two parts - Browse and slideshow. The first part, on the left side there is navigating with the classic folder tree, while on the right made an overview of the content. He is, by pestanyes, may change in the Thumbnails, Filmstrip, Single Image and Carrousel, which are offered in the very top of the window.

If you choose Thumbnails, you'll receive diminished view photos in slide form, where you can add a picture to favorites, evaluate it, add a filter to view or view informa
tion about it. With the slider in the lower right corner you can increase or decrease the thumbnails.
Tab filmstrip offers a similar view him that if you have Windows select the option under the Filmstrip View. You have a great view despite his red thumbnail versions of oth
er images in the gallery. It is interesting that you can specify where you want to show thumbnails in relation to the main display (down, up, or right). As previously described in the display mode, and here it is possible to adjust the size of thumbnail images. The main display "discovers" more choices if you hover your mouse over the images. For example, you can run a slide show, to evaluate the image, enlarged it and reduce, rotate 90 degrees, and add a comment or see a histogram RGB channels. Another great tool is the Color picker, that you can use in one click get the value of certain pixels in RGB Alpha or hexadecimal format.

Single Image tab offers a view over the entire surface of a frame to display the content. As Filmstrip, additional tools appear when mouse is over images, so it is her
e and can make some quick intervention.
Last tab with the name Carrousel offers today often seen iPhone way views files, where the gallery shows in the area. Image that is currently displayed is aligned in the foreground, while others see on both sides, slightly skew perspective. Although not the best uses space on the screen, Carrousel option you'll choose to look cool in front of society while scrolling photo gallery in 3D.In the right part PictoMio interfaces are located pestanyes that offer more information. These are the Image Info with information like the location of the document on your hard disk, weight, dimensions, date changes, etc. Then, Albums / Categories, where you can access documents that have been previously saved in a special category or placed in joint albums. EXIF Data will surely enjoy all the photo that can see some of the technical parameters of the camera, which is made of photographs.
The second part PictoMio interfaces "reservations" is to create your own slide show presentation. Here you have three divisions. In the left part of the Preview box in the right Thumbnails versions of the images in the lower part of the slide show Timeline. Creating a slide show is extremely simple: just move the image from the thumbnails on the framework Timeline in the order in which you want to show those later. In timeline between each picture show the so-called. transition icon, with which you can choose one of nine offered transition effects.
You have the classic video controls (play, stop and next), and timecode, which indicates the length of slide show.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/th5n8b8xyc 9.5 MB