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14 December 2008

Songbird 1.0.0

Nice named player was first conceived to be the only open and versatile player, but from its beginnings until today was built in a pretty good program, which integrates various services hill, it is possible to extend hundreds of accessories, a community of developers continually grows, which once again proves that the concept of open software actually brilliant.

No matter what he says about the first full version, the authors themselves who are behind this project is recognized as very much still has a job, when one looks lists options that intend to implement in the coming versions, and anything else that still needs to be done, we must admit that they are pretty ambitious. Luckily a large part of that has already been made, which gives more weight to their recognition that a player on this have yet to work, but also confirms the fact that Songbird is already a quality player who will be only better.

Specifically, the Songbird is a cross iTunes and Firefox because it is based on Mozilla XUL-in (XML User Interface Language) and rendering Engine Gecku in which it is based on Firefox, and looks and feels about as iTunes. Some of them like to call the Firefox and multimedia player.
But what really distinguishes Songbrid the integration of Internet browser with support for the card and use a range of interesting web-based service. Songbird first launch will be asked to approve the installation of six plug-ins, support for the iPod, QuickTime, SHOUTcast Radio, Concerts, Last.fm and mashTape.

Open the link card integrated within the browser Songbirda and going to some site or blog on which has music, the special panel, in which all the songs will be listed and they can be very easily and retrieved.
It is possible to find images from Flickr, movies from YouTube, the news from Google and biographies of the service last.fm and is fully automatically if available connection to the Internet. Another Songbirds forces is a very flexible interface, so the content generated extras pretty well organized and unobtrusive. Of course, there is also support for skins or feathers, so to call guys responsible for the development of Songbird, so visually it can straighten out exactly the way it suits you.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/9pmlth1pnt
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