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5 December 2008

Opera is available 10 ALPHA 1

Opera Software has released the first alpha version of the incoming Internet browser Opera 10th Opera 10.0 ALPHA 1 brings a number of newspapers and better performance, which is credited engine Presto 2.2.
The new engine reportedly provides 30 percent better performance than previous versions and should be a worthy competitor Firefoxovom Tracemonkeyu or Chromeovom V8. Presto 2.2 CSS offers better performance, higher quality print XML documents and better support for Web fonts, and in fully passing even the infamous Acid3 test.
I have the browser now owns auto update feature, long expected spellings and better able to built an e-mail client. Is better functionality and debugging tools built Dragonfly, you will get a good web developer.
More details and links to download the alpha version, visit the official website.