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20 December 2008

ACTIVECOLLAB -All You Need - On Your Server

ActiveCollab differs from the majority of these Web applications through what it must install on your server. The advantage is firstly that their data does not give anyone, but because reliability depends on you.
There are two types of licenses, which vary in opportunities (collects a calendar, ticket system, etc.) but I have number of projects, clients or in one is not limited. These are solutions that are developed from the open source and grew very successfully in the application.
The primary purpose activeCollab organization of the project. Deadlines, exchange files and lists the basic tasks of the possibilities of this detailed application.
More advanced users will appreciate the ability to track employee work (time tracking) as well as a calendar. Favorite greater the advantage, however activeCollaba ability to create their own plug-ins, completely changes the interface and API.

- Fully adaptive, the wealth of features, your data remain

- You must have your own server

IMPRESSION - If you need more options and information you want on your own server, activeCollab is a reliable solution