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25 December 2008

Fennec on Symbian

Mozilla browser expands its mobile platforms. Alpha version of Firefox for Windows Mobile is already available for some time, and now came the announcement not only that the Symbian version of the plan, but that is coming very soon. In fact, Firefox Mobile, or how it was like to be called - Fennec, for all mobile phones with Symbian will arrive in April next year.

According to the announcements it will bring innovation handful - of the in
novative management pestanyes, viewing pages in full size (full-screen), to the intelligent multipurpose fields for entering addresses. The test version of the browser with the basic opportunities will be available already in February. From the Mozilla stressed that Symbian is an important step in the spread of Firefox on mobile platforms. In the third quarter of Symbian was held almost 50% of the market, a Windows Mobile 11.1%, and Fennec will also be available for most users smartphone.
Other platforms, iPhone, RIM and android recently taken market Symbian and Windows Mobile, but because of licensing restrictions Mozilla for them not to develop the browser.