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5 December 2008

Light in the darkness

Keyboard for those who for some reason or prefer to type in darkness, and they are not secret agents ...

Logitechov Illuminated Keyboard is one of the rare keypad with backlight that are not intended for the players. In fact, style, and the cost it is clear that this is a device from the business segment Logitech offers that emphasizes elegance and incredibly thin profile. With the depressed feet thick Illuminated Keyboard is just 9.3 millimeter, which, at least at first glance, does not overly self-confidence, because usually with thin tipkovnicama go and a short travel keys and feeling as when the tipkanja notebooks. For those who did not try it, suggest that any attempts to do.

Key mechanics is made to force pressure evenly transmitted regardless of whether she hit the edge of the keys themselves, or central, and Logitech's called "PerfectStroke Tehchnology." Behind the names sound "technology" hides good guides, which give a good feeling tipkanju. The keypad is hard and lifting, so that despite the slender design is not the easy varieties and excellent lies on the table, without any skating and moving.
It whereby the keypad is named Illuminated is, of course, the background light below the key. Instead of blue at G15, Illuminated used entirely white light in the four minimum strength of light in the past the key, a very well-lighted signboard on the keys that do not even look like lighted, but as they are derived from the lighted white.
This is especially at night gives very good readability without keyguard burning any desktop or main light, and the day is not even notice that the keys shown below light.

All the keys are full sized, and there is an additional set of "multimedia" and orange FN key which, for each of the functional keys in order triggers additional function. These can program with the help of the accompanying Logitechovih drivers. The only key that is missing (as to whom - we did not at least) is Scroll Lock, which is useless anyway, and Logitech is the right decided to eject from the keypad.
Good, quiet, a little too soft, but very good quality keyboard that truly allows keyboarding night without lights burning.