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16 December 2008

MIU HDPC - the best of both world?

The company Mobile Intelligent Ubiquitous Technology for the third time he presented his concept of Hybrid Dual Portable Computer. It is a combination of small computers and mobile phones that is equipped with Windows Mobile and Windows XP. The idea, of course, because the entire product still in the phase of rendering and eagerly deliberations.

This time, however, unlike the previous two announcements, the first was two years ago, HDPC really on something similar and we know that his main processor should be Intel Atom, although not told that. Also, we know that part of the cell phone should have its own processor, ARM, but NES model, and there are two screen and the PC part of 4.1 inches diagonal, and resolution 800 * 480 points and mobile, diagonal 2, 4 inches, and resolution 320 * 240 points, AMOLED.
Reportedly will be on the market of South Korea until the summer of next year at a price of 500 dollars. Details and the concept of the video you can see on the pages Pocketables.