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25 December 2008

The sun as a backlight

Although the LCD screens for sunlight really bad friend, considering that reduces visibility, the new LG carrier proves the contrary. It is a prototype of translators that sunlight is used as a backlight its 14.1-inch screen, which saves up to 75% of energy if it is used outdoors for a nice time.
Users power supply backlighting brightness themselves off as needed by pressing a key. In this way, saving the battery given that background lamp does not have to work, while the screen switches in the reflector mode.
Also, the enhanced visibility on the screen when greater brightness. The new screen in these conditions has a contrast of 9:1, while the contrast to the traditional screens that are installed on the notebook maximum 3:1
Notebook will be exhibited at the January CES-in. Details about the costs of production and how it would be the first notebook with Reflector screens can be found on the market were not disclosed.