"Step With Technology"

Want to new software, you want what is in, I was trying to find and set up for download because it must be in step with technology
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30 November 2008

Vuzix iWeare AV310 Widescreen

The AV310 Widescreen is a lightweight (4 oz) wearable display that transforms your small video screen into a large 16:9 widescreen home theater with a virtual 52-inch display as seen from nine feet. Worn like regular glasses, the AV310 Widescreen is compatible with all audio/video devices with composite video-out and includes independent focus adjustments for each eye and removable high-quality stereo earphones. A single removable AA battery affords up to 11 hours of viewing enjoyment.

Enjoy video games on your private widescreen display or watch 2D or 3D movies anytime, anywhere in 4:3 or 16:9 format. Never before have wearable displays come this close to the real widescreen movie experience.