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29 November 2008

Lenovo ThinkPad X200t : Generation of stars

Competition gives all of himself, no regularity in the world tablets remain unchanged - excellent model X200t Lenovo continues to sovereign rule in this universe ...
ThinkPad X200s and X200t the smallest members of the Lenovo mobile X family, according to many, and currently most impressive ultra notebooks that money can buy. As is most certainly aware, the letter "t" at X200t model designation for the Tablet.
In the past few months on these pages, we are engaged in ambitious tablets of various manufacturers, but none of them, say it now, absolutely, nor by what is not equal Lenovo 12.1-inch dot.

Construction, the device is identical ThinkPad X300 eulogistic and as such a fantastically strong and robust, while at the same time very slow - less than 1.5 kilograms will not be excessive burden, even for gentle hands. Non-metallic fibers in the framework of the screen at the same time improve the reception of wireless signal - producer of suc
h a solution called UltraConnect.
Great screen size of 12.1-inch and native resolution of 1.280x800 points can rotate in both directions, so that when translating device from the classical translators in the tablet does not need to think about the manner in which this operation is performed. Above the screen is located mechanism floating buckle that allows you to the screen freezes for the body of the device, regardless of which side is facing.
In other words, when the X200t used as a tablet, by simply pressing the screen above buckle becomes firmly fixed to the body - competing tablet regularly are on target for criticism usually does not offer this functionality rudimentary.

On one of the edges of the screen (the lower edge when X200t used as a classic notebook) there is a button to activate the computer (as well as a small switch that locked the same, which avoids the possibility of accidental pressure) and a set of four buttons whose functions can be independently define the appropriate Lenovo applications.
Of the factory used substitute keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Alt-Delete, hand rotate the ima
ge (the device is not capable of independently detect its own orientation with respect to this parameter to adjust the image on the screen - this procedure is done by hand), Lenovo the start menu and locks all of the above-mentioned key. In the same place and found a fingerprint reader.
Finally, we reach the keypad. Although the X200t small and foremost a compact, Lenovo engineers are nothing let case - keyboard is drawn the entire body of the device, and therefore offers an ideal deployed and sized keys. What's feelings in respect of the work, ThinkPad users will find the well-known field and enjoy the optimal affected firmness key. Because such deployment touchpad had to be retired, but they should not despair - his role was taken over trackpoint with three keys.

Tested configuration variant of this tablet is equipped with Intel processors Core 2 Duo L9400 clock 1.83 GHz, working gigabytes of memory, integrated Intel graphics subsystems GMA X4500MHD and 160-disc
gigabyte whose tables turn on the 5.400 rpm. Users who like the performance of numerous configurations will not be high enough, there are more expensive variants with powerful processors, greater amount of working memory (up to four gigabytes of memory DDR3) and faster drives (200- gigabyte disk speed 7.200 rpm or 64- gigabyte SSD).