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13 March 2009


Virtual Machines

Are you looking for a solid solution for the virtual computer and whether you want to use many of the benefits, you do not need to look no further ...

This is a surprisingly good open-source software for virtual computer abundant opportunities to see the custom in his expensive commercial brethren, such as VMware. Working on three most important platforms, and supports a number of versions of operating systems that can run without difficulty.
Is limited to x86 HD (newer Intel or AMD processor should be more than enough), and use it is relatively simple.

After the simple installation, it will be ready to transfer the first virtual machine. To this end, use the setup wizard that will walk you step by step to implement the moment you insert the installation media and install Windows or Linux.
In any case, VirtualBox really pleasantly surprised with your options and eleganc
e that works, and although obviously there are problems with memory management, taking into account its price and look at you all the options and the overall impression, VirtualBox has proven to be exceptional, so do not need to burden the purchase commercial solutions for the virtual computer. URL http://www.virtualbox.org/

PLUS- The ability, stability
MINUS- Complex network configuration
IMPRESSION- Very good solution for the virtual computer, completely free of charge

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/0co83jtiq6 16.5MB