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9 January 2009

Mp3tag 2.42 -Handyman Tags

One of the common types of files that increasing capacity hard disks often host many, are precisely multimedia formats, and most common among them is definitely the MP3. Moreover, few who have a computer listens to music by putting Cd's that are quite annoying habit over the years pile up on the shelves. Lots of them is practical to convert the appropriate audio format and then provide them with a real pleasure to listen.
Owing to the fact that the huge number of popular audio format contai
ns meta data,songs on the disk is easy to organize and create Playlist.
However, it is not a rare case
in the digital audio extraction and conversion of that fateful meta data that describes a sound file incorrectly. This usually results in quite an unpleasant surprise when the popular music player, notice that the currently playing song called the name that corresponds to the number of bands on the CD-ROM from which was converted. On the other hand, perhaps a large number of files or there is no comprehensive meta data, something that makes the handling of songs, even in programs designed for it.
Fortunately, help comes in the form of small, but very practical program that is able to elegantly resolve all t
he problems of meta data such as ID3 tags. The main stunt his integration into the system and is available from the menu, you use it in a folder that contains MP3 files, all of them will display along with sub folders. The interface is intuitive, and the options are well deployed. However, all of which are not overly prone to research options available on menus and experiment with the icons on the toolbar (which, the way be said, quite simple), you will have a little patience and just try to force options. Do not hesitate to activate the menu where you will find quite a number of very interesting characteristics. In the heart, Mp3tag offers more or less all the basic functions, offers the creation Playlist, switch between small and large letters, automatic numbering files, import and export of additional information for the files (Cover) and access information on songs from online databases, etc.
Of course, Mp3tag has a series of other practical options, which will co-habitation with a bunch of music files do significantly easier. One of those that we have attracted attention is the option to filter the displayed songs classified by type of field, so it is possible to easily isolate a p
articular song or artist specific musical genre.
So, for those looking for a tool that is able to defeat tags (ID3v1.1, ID3v2, APEv2) for a large number of supported music formats that are included AAC, FLAC, ape, mp3, OGG, and others, and that when it offers, and other practical opportunities and not much is even one dollar, then this is a program that will simply delight.

DOWNLODS: http://www.box.net/shared/caeakez44p 1.7MB